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National Numeracy Resources

National Numeracy has worked with education experts to create maths and numeracy resources for parents and schools.

Our downloadable Family Maths activities are available for seven age groups: 4-5; 5-6; 6-7; 7-8; 8-9; 9-10; and 10-11. We also have resources available to help schools engage children and parents with maths.

For parents, the Everyday Activities Packs each contain 18 activities which are fun, creative and will get you and your child talking about everyday maths.

For schools, we have compiled packs containing 30 Family Maths activities with copyright licence for photocopying. For tips on how to use the activities and scrapbooks in your school, check out our schools' information site.


What parents are saying about Family Maths:
"Innovative ways to improve children's learning"
"It's easy to use and nicely presented"

What children are saying about Family Maths:
"Epic, amazing, awesome"
"Challenging and fun"